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What is Nora.Legal

Our Team


Melissa Khalil, Esq.

A seasoned attorney in corporate law, civil, and criminal litigation who manages projects, oversees client services, and maintains great relationships with existing clients.


Vinitha Prasannan

An attorney with over 20 years litigation experience who manages, maintains, and leads an efficient offshore team of attorneys for support services by adopting innovative, creative, and groundbreaking working concepts.


Logan T. Bohman, Esq.

A former federal judicial law clerk and seasoned attorney in civil and criminal litigation, and general legal practice who excels at legal research, technical legal writing, pleading drafting, and quality control.


Luna Magory Gomeiz, J.D

A graduate of Florida State University College of Law. Highly experienced senior level Contracts Manager with expertise in all facets of contract management with a diverse clientele.

Featured Products Overview

Research Memo

Our proficient team of attorneys uses top legal-tech resources and databases to draft and deliver thoroughly researched and methodically analyzed research memos. One-size-DOES-NOT-fit-all, so rest assured that we will always customize our legal writing to suit your individual style.

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Our unrivaled legal brief writing services will refine the legal and factual issues, respond to key arguments raised by opponents, point out their flaws, and reinforce your position in the most compelling way possible. We will use every opportunity to highlight any concessions or admissions by the opponent, or their failure to address critical issues raised in the opening brief. You can rely on our legal research and writing expertise for the most compelling and persuasive legal drafting.

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Our Nora.Legal litigation experts research your causes of action and draft a complaint that is factually and legally sound. Start a civil action off right with a complaint that details all the information your client wishes to present against the defendant.

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Discovery is a fact-finding mission, where data and testimony determine the fate of the case. On this important mission, you are not alone. At Nora.Legal, we help attorneys in the preparation of discovery documents and cut discovery costs by drafting interrogatory requests, requests for admission, production, or inspection; and summarizing deposition testimony.

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Pre-Trial Support

Nora.Legal provides attorneys with well-drafted demand letters, detailed verdict and settlement summaries, and answer drafts for both routine and template answers backed by substantive legal research. We offer comprehensive legal research, sound legal arguments to state your case, one free revision that ensures you get an error-free product and a quick turnaround time of 72 hours.

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Hourly Support

With Nora.Legal’s Attorney Support, simply hand off your most time and resource consuming legal research and writing work.A variety of packages are available.

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