Why use Nora.Legal


We have been providing legal research and writing services since 2005.


We have some of the most affordable pricing plans in the legal industry, either associate time en bloc, or flat fees. Studies show that law firms spend 85% of their budget on rent and personnel. Increase in-house capacity and associate level support without increasing headcount.


Reduce time spent on research and writing. Spend more time on client development or expanding your practice.


Manage fluctuating workloads.


The Nora.Legal is accessible 24/7 and all inquiries are answered promptly, in most cases within two hours. For membership clients using both India and US lawyers, we are available 24/7. Use the time difference between India and the United States to your advantage to increase your turn-around time and meet deadlines.


Increase your market penetration with lower blended prices for standardized services while maintaining high standards, efficiency and reliability.